Compare Our Rates To Pet Boarding & Kennels In Jacksonville!

Pet Sitting Pricing Information At-A-Glance:

  • Basic Pet Sitting: $40 per day
  • Additional Daily Visits: $15 each
  • Midday Visit for Working Pet Parents: $20 per day

Additional Services

  • “Clean Sweep Service”: $25
  • “A Breath of Fresh Air Service”: $15
  • “Grocery Getter Service”: $25
Basic Service

The base price for our pet sitting service is just $40 per day within our primary service areas of Julington Creek, Fruit Cove, South Mandarin and St. Johns. Our Basic Service includes care for up to 4 total pets and consists of two visits to your home per day (an AM visit and a PM visit – typically no more than 12 hours apart). If you happen to have more than 4 pets – or exotic pets that require additional, specialized care – please contact us for a free quote based on your needs.

During our visits we will feed your pets, administer any necessary medications and tend to any “special needs” per your instructions. Water dishes are emptied and refilled during each visit. For dogs, all visits include a brief walk or play session. Cats will receive as much or as little attention as they desire…we know how cats are! Other pets will receive the care and attention they desire per your instructions – no one knows your pet better than you do!

Our basic service also includes retrieving newspapers and mail daily, as well as making sure your home’s entry points are secured. We will gladly rotate which lights remain on throughout the house each night as an additional convenience to you.

Additional Daily Visits

Would you feel better if someone checked on your pet more than twice a day? We’ll be happy to! For just $15 extra per visit, per day we will check on them, let your dog(s) outside, refill food & water as needed and give them a little extra TLC. Being able to customize our visits to meet your furry friends’ needs is another advantage to having a pet sitting service!

Midday Visit for Working Pet Parents

Are you a working pet parent riddled with guilt over leaving your pet trapped inside throughout your long work day? We also offer a single midday visit for just $20. We’ll visit your home between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to check up on your pet(s). Midday visits consist of emptying and refilling water dishes, as well as a short walk or play session.

Additional Services:
“Clean Sweep Service”

We will vacuum all of the floor surfaces on the entry level of your home on our last visit before your return. That means no little balls of fur or tracked in grass clippings to deal with first thing when you walk in the door. You can add this premier service for just $25!

“A Breath of Fresh Air Service”

We will spray all fabric furniture surfaces and carpets in the main living areas, as well as treating the air in those areas, with an odor eliminator (such as Febreeze™) on our last visit before your return. We’ll leave your house smelling as clean and fresh as you left it…maybe even better! You can add this premier service for just $15!

“Grocery Getter Service”

Who wants to return from vacation only to have to turn right back around to go to the grocery store? With Welcome Home as your pet sitter in Jacksonville, you don’t have to! We’ll pick up necessities like bread, milk and eggs while you’re away. Need more than just those few items? No problem! Just leave a list (up to 10 items total) and we’ll gladly pick those up as well. We’ll provide you with a copy of the receipt and simply add the total to your final bill. Talk about convenient! You can add this premier service for just $25, plus the cost of the items purchased!