Cujo Who?

This is our St. Bernard, Gracie.  Most people believe St. Bernards to be lazy oafs.  To be honest, many of them are.  But not Gracie.  We call this her “Yahoo Run”.  The video isn’t great quality, but it’s still pretty amusing.  Enjoy!

Bella – Veterinary Malpractice Victim Number…

Veterinary Malpractice Victim - 3 month old Bella (Old English Bulldog)

Meet Bella – an Old English Bulldog puppy whose life was cut tragically short due to veterinary malpractice. As Jacksonville pet sitters, you can imagine the horror stories we hear.

We have also been victims of veterinary malpractice ourselves, so this story hit particularly close to home. This tragic tale was shared by a friend of mine, Nikki…I warn you, it’s a tear-jerker!

How The Day Began

Bella was in need of a normal, preventative visit to the vet for shots. Nikki & Ben, took her to a local veterinary clinic here in Jacksonville.  The clinic (on the southside of Jacksonville inside PetSmart) was not their first choice, but the location was very convenient and they assumed that simple shots could be administered by any veterinary professional without jeopardizing Bella’s health or well-being, not to mention her life. Had they been able to foresee what was to come, they’d have waited for the next available appointment with their regular vet. [Continue reading…]

Should You Choose a Pet Sitter or a Kennel?

In my opinion, there’s really no comparison – pet sitters are clearly the best choice for your pets, as well as your own peace of mind. In the past dog kennels and pet boarding facilities were often the only choice, aside from imposing on a friend, neighbor or family member. Someone who leaves town frequently […]

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