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Shelby - Welcome Home Pet Sitting Jacksonville, FLWelcome Home Pet Sitting in Jacksonville, FL wants to make your pet care worries a thing of the past. Going on vacation used to mean packing your precious pets into the car and dropping them off at a cold and lonely kennel on your way out of town. Thanks to the increased availability of pet sitters in and around Jacksonville, FL, that sad event can become nothing more than a distant memory.

Welcome Home Pet Sitting in Jacksonville, FL has been serving the St. Johns area, including Julington Creek Plantation, since 1998.

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Pet sitting has become the safest and most cost-effective pet care option for pet parents in the Jacksonville, Florida area, but don’t trust your home or your pet’s welfare to just anyone.  $7 a day may seem like a bargain, but – as is the case with everything in life – you get what you pay for.  If you want an experienced, professional, responsible pet sitter, you simply won’t find that for $7 a day.

Pet Sitters Are The Choice of More & More Pet Owners

Welcome Home Pet Sitting in Jacksonville, FL takes great pride in a commitment to caring for your pets with the same love and affection you do.   As part of that commitment,  we are licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind

We’ve been serving the Julington Creek, Fruit Cove and St. Johns areas since 1998.  You can rest assured that your pets will receive outstanding care from a long time member of your community and the most trusted name in Jacksonville pet sitters.

Pet sitters are certainly the safest choice for your pets – and a worthwhile investment in your own peace of mind.  Pet sitting experiences with us will be utterly stress-free, for both you AND your pets.

Nikers - Welcome Home Pet Sitting Jacksonville FLYour furry, four-legged family members will remain safe and secure in their own home – ensuring that your return will be a real Welcome Home!  So, before packing Fido in the car and leaving him in a kennel while you’re on vacation, take a closer look at Welcome Home Pet Sitting!

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A Trusted Pet Sitter in Jacksonville, FL since 1998!

Welcome Home Pet Sitting proudly serves most of the 32259 zip code in Jacksonville, FL – including Julington Creek, Switzerland, Fruit Cove & St. Johns.  Whether you are leaving town for a week, just for the weekend or you’re simply looking to alleviate the guilt of being away all day at work, Welcome Home Pet Sitting – Jacksonville, FL will care for your pets as if they’re members of our own family.

Whether you have typical domestic pets (dogs & cats), or more exotic pets like large birds, pot-bellied pigs, hermit crabs and lizards, you can rely on Welcome Home Pet Sitting to care for your pets as much as you do.  NO ARACHNIDS (sorry)!

Pet sitters are cost-effective!

Pet sitting is not only the safest and least stressful pet care option, it is also very cost-effective! Many people have more than one pet. We sure do! The cost for a stay in a traditional kennel is typically on a “per pet” basis and there is seldom a discount for multiple pets. The cost involved with boarding all of your furry family members could add up quickly!

What if you have a bird, or reptiles, or a pot-bellied pig? Finding a kennel or pet boarding facility that accepts exotic pets could be a challenge. Pet sitting allows your exotic friend to stay in the safety, security and comfort he’s grown so accustomed to. It also prevents the unnecessary stress that transporting a potentially hyper-sensitive animal can cause – you bird lovers out there know what we’re talking about!  We will care for up to four pets for the same low daily cost. Talk about an outstanding value! Learn more about our pricing and our premier services – like “Clean Sweep” and “Grocery Getter”.

Gracie - Welcome Home Pet Sitting Jacksonville FLAnd don’t forget the confidence that comes with knowing someone visits your home at least twice a day.  While caring for your pets is obviously the #1 priority, bringing in the mail, collecting daily newspapers, alternating lights and adjusting blinds & curtains helps to keep your home safe while you’re out of town.  When it comes to overall peace of mind, traditional kennels and pet boarding facilities just can’t compare to hiring a pet sitter.

Choosing The Best Pet Care Option

Pet sitters have become much more popular over the past several years, due in large part to the disadvantages of leaving your pet in a kennel or boarding facility. Unlike pet sitting, the typical kennel experience may involve your pet spending hours a day in a cage – confused, afraid and away from home. They may be released from “pet prison” for only short times during the day. While this isn’t necessarily true of all kennels, wouldn’t you rather your dog or cat stay in the comfort of their own home, with their favorite toys and in familiar surroundings?

Not all pets are well-mannered and play well with others. As pet sitters, we’ve heard many horror stories – it’s bound to happen with the large number of unfamiliar animals coming in and going out of a kennel, not to mention the potential for illness that comes with exposure to other animals.

None of us want our furry companions exposed to potentially ill or aggressive animals. Thanks to the increased popularity and availability of Jacksonville pet sitters, those concerns can be a thing of the past!

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